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Difference between PPC and CPC

Pay-Per Click (PPC) is the base where advertising takes place over digital media through various platforms like google and You-tube etc. In Pay-per click, when a user clicks on an advertisement the ad poster gets paid from that click. Every click has its value because paying is based on each click.

  • PPC is an important platform and its right use can benefit the ad poster as it is a step by step procedure where out of many users some of them clicks on the link and this click increases the volume of total clicks.
  • It is a beneficial tool for brands to get viral on the digital platforms and can enhance the approach of the public towards them. When a link is formed, a special keyword is given to the search engines that directly approaches towards the targeted link.
  • PPC makes easy for the targeted audience to approach towards their required information. A campaign is formed in that way which provides data to the search engine and the brand gets his audience.


When you are all set up on the posting zone, another essential step that provides the relative information to the audience and the base of which is how accurate is your ad about the product of the brand you are advertising. Is it appealing to the users or not. So now this is the value of the click that how much it costs for the click and is known as Cost-Per Click (CPC). It shows the total outcome of the clicks for example you have spent 50$ and you get 50 click so you are spending 1$ each. So for calculation, Total amount spent / total click = Cost per click. This shows that when more clicks are occupied over the total amount spent, the result will be profitable.

PPC functioning

For the better understanding of functionality of PPC we will go through the top leading search engines like google and the most advanced online platforms over the world like Amazon.

Google –the world’s leading platform

The first thing that comes in mind when we are talking about PPC is the top search engine google and it is the largest medium for this type of online advertising campaigns and well known for his business catalogue. Google explains this campaigns very well.

When a user searches a specific keywords, google generates the link and provide it to the user of what he or she is demanding. Keywords are of the most importance in this field because they show the needs of the user and how simple and easy it is to reach.

There are two types of format generally known as B2C and B2B and PLA (Product Listing Ads).

Type: 1 -B2B and B2C

As we are studying B2B and B2C, the valuable thing is the search content that is paid than the unpaid usual one because they are better responsive and accessible by ease. AS google is the largest platform for search engines, so it has the most volume of shares in the market. So google is both b2b and b2c as it provides business on both ends.

Type: 2 –Product Listing Ads (PLA)

Google is providing purchase and sales platform to the users which is based totally on the description about the product. All of this is done through a center that is responsible for merchandising and is known as Google AdWords. Usually the product that are purchased through online media and are cheap turns to be better that the higher price tags.

In these given types, the google is paid first for the posting of ads and each click counts as more clicks provide more income. An auction is set for the rate of the click that how much it costs for per click and has a proper bidding process. The rates fluctuate according to the product to be sold. Popular and well known products will pay more for the clicks and poorly acknowledged products have relatively low costs. This is more like a game as getting more points will higher ranks similarly higher ranks have higher rates than the general market. 

Amazon PPC ads

Amazon which was not well known in the past is now a day’s one of the most well-known purchasing and selling platform having third rank in search engines. This has caused to increase the rates for using Amazons platform for the search. Keywords are of the most importance in this platform also because easier keywords provide better searches that is best for PPC there is no cost for viewing the ad but after clicking it has a cost. As Amazon is a proper site for selling as purchasing of products throughout the world which gives it the importance and this makes its advertising rates higher.

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