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How can SEO help my startup or small business?

When you run a small business or enterprise, you usually don’t think about the advantages you can get from having a presence on social media, referrals and backlinks. Your goal is to handle the inventory, get orders and deliver them in time and reduce the lead time with every order. Most you can do is develop a website and add online shopping options; but do you think it is enough? Do you think your customer reach will increase like this? Obviously, a small business today can grow to be a national or multinational business tomorrow and for that you have to take steps and get SEO services for small business. Of Course, you don’t want your business to be small forever!

How do SEO services for small business help you?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO for small business can help your online presence be noticed by your potential customers. For example; if you sell cakes in a small bakery and opt for small business SEO services, when anyone in your locality searches for the best cakes in town, your website will appear on the top of the list. And guess what? If you’re not on the first page of Google, you are not even there! So, either you have a website no one will buy from you if they don’t see you. SEO makes your business visible to everyone.

Consistency in applying SEO strategies

SEO is not a one-time thing. You do it for once, you get on top. But when the competition increases, every competitor drags you down to take the top place. So, it’s a constant battle in which you have to fight not only for survival but for winning also.

How can you optimize your social media presence with a small business SEO company?

Google, Bing and many other search engines do not just select the websites randomly to put them on the first page. This selection is based on a detailed process of many algorithms; keyword, content quality and purpose, customer base, graphics, backlinks, user friendly interface, actual product or service quality etc. All these things are weighed and then you get the place where you get organic customers traffic and go on the route of profit maximization. Though, small businesses think it is difficult to do so, it is not. The pros outweigh the efforts and costs you have to put into SEO for your SME. We have researched and pointed out some ways through which even smallest of the business can get so many customers and order that their profits can double in no time and we are sharing the research results for application to you:

You must be physically located easily

If you have a brick outlet, you must have your customers know about your existence and make it easy for them to find you. Make sure your name appears on I-maps or Google maps just as it is and the route to your location is easy to find and drive to. Apart from correcting the location, the side of the street, the building number; other Search Engine Optimization steps you can do to get good ratings are:

  • Adding your service hours
  • Contact details, numbers and emails at which you should respond as quickly as possible.
  • Feedback options etc.

Having a quality offering isn’t enough, have a quality website too

When you design your website, you have to target two entities; your customers, spiders or search engines. People like to spend time surfing on websites which identify with their personality. If you are targeting youngsters and teenagers, your website should display vibrant colors, hashtags, memes. If you’re targeting elders or senior citizens, it should look more homely, stable, earthy and easy to use. There should not be any offensive use of words, heavy graphics which make the website load slowly, and too many tabs or clicks to get to the purchasing section or fowl use of keywords.

Get Real or Get Spammed

It’s a fact, backlinks and referrals do bring customers. A small business SEO company can use it to its advantage. Social media influencers, Bloggers and Vloggers on YouTube can help get your brand noticed and liked by a lot of people. But the thing you need to make sure is your backlink should lead the customers to an authentic website or otherwise you will get spammed. The website you place your ad or promotion on must also relate to your small business and the content you create must be authentic and unique and should also be interesting enough to gain the attention of netizens.

Know you keywords

There’s a lot you can gain if you know your customers’ minds. Finding out what they type when they search for a service you are providing can help you reach them easily. You shouldn’t be taking a shot in the dark and should get your hands on the real statistics of the most typed words to make relevant searches and should place your content accordingly.

Don’t serve all, serve some!

Small businesses must know one thing. “There is nothing big which the giants aren’t selling”. You should find for the niches or small services which you can specialise on and serve the customers. You cannot compete with the giants in a month or even a year. You need to find what you are good at and then earn your worth. What the giants can’t do, you can. If you get enough customer-base on the small products you offer, you are on the right path to become BIG in that industry!

Have a look in the mirror

Small Business SEO services are like a makeover to your business. After getting them, you need to look in the mirror. The means go and search for your website on Google, open it and see how quickly you can get to the products and the checkout as a customer. Also, check which backlinks get the customers to your website and how the title tags help you get noticed by the web crawlers and the customers.

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