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How to get started in an SEO career?

High profits and loyal customers are the ultimate vision of every business, all around the world. They constantly and consistently strive for it and leave no stone unturned to try their best. Search Engine Optimization was one such helping tool when it was introduced in the market, making everything digital and virtual but getting the companies physical profits. It increases the salience of a newly launched business and gives equity to the existing ones. We all know that it does not happen with a blink of an eye but eventually the organic efforts give organic fruits and makes you the leader among the competitor websites on the search pages.

To make the best out of SEO, a digital marketer must know what are the current trends, what are the FADs and how the likes and psychology of customers can change or can be changed, basically a knowledge about all the touchpoints of the customers. If you get it right, you can use it to your advantage on your website and thus can gain heavy traffic and ultimately many purchases increasing your brand’s profitability.

A career or not a career?

When it comes to adopting SEO and digital marketing as a career, people are not so sure about it. They think of it as a part time thing or a job you can do when you have nothing else to do. For those we always ask one question, “Do you think the sales people in the stores and the marketers who pull off amazing campaigns are doing it as a part-time thing?” If your answer is No, then it’s easy to understand that what they are doing physically is still a career and job if done virtually.

Build an SEO Career by knowing your options

There are many great companies, one of which we know is ‘Senotrix’, which work as a full time SEO agency. You can get a job in one of them and you will be surprised to know that even as a Junior Executive, you will have so much to learn. From designing web pages to come up with new and creative ideas for social media content. The best thing is any idea you put in the company will never go unappreciated and un-noted like in other jobs. This on-the-job training will help you learn and grow your skills a lot. Once your experience reaches a milestone, there are chances of easy promotion and you can also start your own company and be your own boss as a freelancer, providing your expert services to your selected clients and this is quite lucrative too.

The areas of SEO in which you can specialise

Getting a job in an SEO company does not mean doing the same work over and over again. There are different roles which can intrigue you and you can take one on to specialise in. You can be a/an:

  • SEO marketing analyst
  • Digital marketer
  • Strategist
  • Brand ambassador
  • Script or copywriter
  • Video editor
  • Web designer and so on.

All you need is to find your area of interest and in which you can grow and get experience. The more grip you get, the more are the chances of your promotion. Your daily progress will make you an asset to the company and increase the chances of your getting a nicer job offer from a similar but giant company. You can also be a social media Brand Manager and can handle all the social accounts of your clients getting them a lot of followers and generating virtual leads for them. It depends on how you want to excel.

How to initiate things regarding SEO working?

When you are new to a field and don’t have much experience, you begin by learning, taking one approach at a time. Similarly, there are techniques you can initiate your work in the SEO industry:

Don’t get employed in too many companies at once. Some people think that because they can do it virtually, they can do it more. That is not right when you are new. You will fall behind on the deadlines and won’t master one thing. It is better to be a part of one company and learn as much as you can before you take a dive in the deep oceans.

Take on individual SEO projects. There are companies which ask for an SEO specialist to handle their brand digitally and do it only for them. You can take these projects and start getting your hands on all the techniques accordingly.

Create your own business agency. You can also start a virtual company on your own and as the clients grow, you can hire other people to make a team and work together.

There is also an option of handling Instagram pages of social media influencers. You can create digital posts for them, edit their graphics and write captions for them accordingly. This is a good technique to learn without risking much.

Tasks to do in SEO on a daily basis

It depends on how you decide to work.

You want to work alone on projects. This means you have to:

  • Carry out a thorough research of your client’s brand, persona, services/ products and the competition your client is facing and how this competition is out-taking your client.
  • Come up with new ideas for content. Try being more creative and think of 3-4 ideas on a daily basis.
  • Create written and graphic content.
  • Look up for similar projects.

If you are part of an SEO organization, which means more clients daily, you can:

  • Come up with new strategies which are different for every client. This is important because you may get two companies which are direct competitors for each other.
  • Come up with the right and exact keyword for every article or post you put on a social media platform.
  • Negotiate with people who have followers to provide you with backlinks.
  • Title-tags, descriptions, video scripts, meta-tags, etc. come along with it.
  • Negotiate and have meeting with your clients, if you are the marketer
  • Find the best sales pitch by using the newest strategy you can think of.

Similarly, if you are pulling off a one-man-army by being a consultant, you have to:

  • Carry out regular meetings to find out what your client needs and sometimes you have to work on the opposite because you have the knowledge your client doesn’t.
  • Come up with a cohesive story to build around their brands and depict it to the clients and the customers as well.
  • Get funds by making funding agents believe you have the knowledge and guts to carry out a business by building your own empire.
  • Connect to people who can come up to be your productive team and with whom you are compatible.
Knowledge and information you need to get a grip on to be the best SEO provider

Researching is just the first step. You need to see the portrait from each and every dimension to make out what it depicts. This means you should know:

  • How to create a brand’s persona into its website according to the priorities and personalities of its targeted customers.
  • How you can convince the search engines to rank you the best; quality and fixing again and again.
  • It’s not about a design to create, it’s also about how good of a business person you are. How can you convince a client to follow you rather than following them and their demands?
  • How to read between the data numbers and statistic lines. Which means coming up with extraordinary radiant ideas every time.
  • Technical skills; how to operate Excel, Word, Google Docs, G-Analytics, SPSS, Adobe Photoshop etc.

Apart from all this, you should have a strong grip on how to manage multiple projects at one time and how to come up with optimal solutions to the problems which have never been encountered before. Your leadership qualities make your clients’ brands lead. There is also another technique, PPC or pay per click which means you have to invest to get your client profits. Though not organic, it is quick and makes your work get noticed. So, if you are new, you can make use of it also. Other than that, you must also know the ins and outs of social media platforms, the community guidelines should be on your fingertips while generating content and advertisements. The more people think of you as a neutral and humanity loving brand, the more people will recommend you to others.

There are social celebrities which can be a part of your campaign and you must also have great public skills if you want them on your side. This can help you get their followers and thus you can use all of the people base to your advantage. Also, another imperative in being the best SEO provider is, you should know the programming part. This means you must know how to create apps for your client’s business and how to get them in their customers’ smartphones.

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