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When you run a small business or enterprise, you usually don’t think about the advantages you can get from having a presence on social media, referrals and backlinks. Your goal is to handle the inventory, get orders and deliver them in time and reduce the lead time with every order. Most you can do is...
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High profits and loyal customers are the ultimate vision of every business, all around the world. They constantly and consistently strive for it and leave no stone unturned to try their best. Search Engine Optimization was one such helping tool when it was introduced in the market, making everything digital and virtual but getting the...
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Pay-Per Click (PPC) is the base where advertising takes place over digital media through various platforms like google and You-tube etc. In Pay-per click, when a user clicks on an advertisement the ad poster gets paid from that click. Every click has its value because paying is based on each click. PPC is an important...
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